A Sarawak Identity

Sarawakians comprise people from many different racial origins with diverse cultures. There are people whose ancestry that goes back thousands of years and there are those whose forefathers had landed here only a few hundred years ago and Sarawakians have all these time cherish and accept each other graciously and their friendships transcends time, race and cultures in this land of the Hornbill where they call home.

If you are an expert in any of the following fields or in any other relevant fields and wish to participate in our mission to create "A Sarawak Identity" please register your interest with us at the “Take Action" Page.

  • History & Anthropology
  • Culture & Tradition
  • Music & Dance
  • Costume & Jewelleries
  • Art & Crafts
  • Folklores & Mythology
  • Poems & Literature
  • Occult & Mysticism
  • Choreography & Photography
  • Heritage & Legacies
  • Cuisine & Culinary Art